SEO Ranking Reports: Why you Should Rethink Them

Many digital marketers and SEOs love search engine positioning or ranking reports. The love affair started in the late 90s and, for some, it continues to this day. My guess is that that the affinity is based in having a simple metric to show to clients, as well as allowing clients to see how they “rank” […]

Don’t Under-Optimize Because of Penguin SEO Update

One of the latest Google SEO algorithm updates recently occurred and is referred to Penguin 2.0. While the first round of Google Penguin updates focused on over-optimized sites and spammy content, the latest update seems to target link schemes. So, how should Charleston small businesses react? You should hire an SEO expert to carefully evaluate […]

Google Panda and Penguin Updates

There has been a lot of discussion over the last couple of years regarding changes in Google’s algorithm and what it all means to SEOs and marketers. In short, Google has initiated a full frontal assault on web spam in all of its forms. When you think about it, what Google is doing makes a […]

Five Common SEO Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

Search engine optimization, a marketing strategy many businesses rely on to drive customers to their website, can often appear a daunting task to many small businesses. Much of this is driven by many years of misinformation and poor SEO practitioners promising things that they could never deliver, but it is also likely a result of […]

Charleston SEO Services: What Exactly am I paying for?

The SEO industry has been unfortunately soured and corrupted by so many unscrupulous SEO companies(and individuals) that it is hard to keep count of them all. How many times in your in-box have you received this sort of message: “Achieve #1, first place rankings on Google in just weeks!” It either arrives in your in-box […]

Is SEO Dead?

SEO is DEAD! I heard a presenter state this at an SES Conference in Chicago in 2008. After the gasps in the room subsided, followed by an uncomfortable silence, the presenter made his case and it was a compelling one. Google’s mission has always been to provide the most relevant results possible in the quickest […]

How Much Do We Spend on SEO Services?

Considering that nearly 80% of consumer research begins online, you should consider organic search engine optimization to be an important part of your marketing strategy. Determining what you should pay for SEO services can be tricky, but I think Jayson DeMers does a nice job of summing how much you should spend on SEO. Typical SEO Costs […]

Does Your Business Need a Native App or Mobile Site?

The mobile web, as I have discussed on this blog, is currently experiencing explosive growth as users began to rely more heavily on mobile smart phones and Ipad type devices. If you do not currently have a strategy for providing usable content to your user base, then it is time to get on board. New research indicates that most mobile web users prefer to get their content through mobile websites rather than through apps.

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