Digital Marketing Training

Having a knowledgeable staff as it relates to digital marketing concepts is becoming increasingly important as we continue to evolve into the Digital Age. Everyone within your organization does not need to be a search engine optimization or web design expert, but having basic knowledge regarding how the search engines work is critical to developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. In addition, an increasing number of companies are beginning to manage their web sites with in-house talent which allows for more control of the message in a timely manner. It is imperative that internal staff who manage online assets understand how to prepare content for both human and search engine consumption.

Photo by Product School on Unsplash

Training and Presentations

  • Latest digital marketing trends including search marketing
  • Web Analytics: What does this all mean?
  • Current design trends including responsive design
  • Contextual search: What is it and how will it change things?
  • Inbound marketing and the web
  • Email Marketing
  • Usability and User Testing
  • Conversion Rates – Why are they not buying?

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